FDN_1111_SP10 NYT Color Variants

Digital color machines as a precursor to painting.


Above: MCAD student Alex, digital variant (11.5 x 22.75) A new twist for a successful problem seen here before, these are foundation student level experiments with color.


Above: Each unique student grid is derived from a tracing of the New York Times, randomly assigned. Each then mounts a series of ‘color machine’ exercises within a digital recreation of their grid. Many students have completed several hundred variants (led by the intrepid Arthur with exactly 700). Resspeck. Let’s hope the isssues of projected and reflected light will sit deep with these potential artists and designers.

Each student will select one of those hundreds and attempt to recreate it in real life. Please see more process on Geotypografika Flickr, and student work is listed alphabetically below.


Above: MCAD student Arthur, leader with over 700 variants.


Above: MCAD student Chad.


Above: MCAD student Elisabeth.


Above: MCAD student Heather.


Above: MCAD student Kim.


Above: MCAD student Matt.


Above: MCAD student Nic.


Above: MCAD student Rithy.


Above: MCAD student Nate.


Above: MCAD student Rebecca.

Look for an update on these projects soon, and please see more
on Geotypografika Flickr.

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FDN_1111_SP10 NYT Color Variants: Digital color machines as a precursor to painting.

Above: MCAD student Alex, di… http://bit.ly/9INhT3

Erik Brandt added these words on Mar 27 10 at 7:15 PM

My god, these rule.

Dylan C. Lathrop added these words on Mar 28 10 at 3:31 AM

The students will appreciate your comment, Dylan, thanks for that. Can’t wait for the painted versions to start taking form.

Erik Brandt added these words on Mar 28 10 at 8:19 AM

Woah these are so awesome!

Max Peeperkorn added these words on Mar 31 10 at 7:25 AM

Dank je wel, Max!

Erik Brandt added these words on Mar 31 10 at 7:42 AM

i showed these too a highschool class in priorlake today, and they were interested to hear about them…these are really great experiments and investigations, i was glad to be able to show them, they were great examples!


joe added these words on Mar 31 10 at 8:07 PM

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