Experimental video shorts on color.

Above: MCAD student Alex, “By the Clock.”

Foundation level color experiments.
These new video shorts are the culmination of a project for this Spring’s 2D Foundation level grupetto. This problem has been addressed before by previous classes I have taught, but these experiments featured a new challenge: all sound/music had to be self-generated. There are some stunning sounds.

The images are photographs created by the students for a series of eight booklets they make by hand prior to developing the short (but with that potential in mind). As usual, our focus is on color and documenting it’s many varieties, but these short films help compound the examination and development of narrative in both static and time-based form. Hope you enjoy.

Above: MCAD student Nate, “Polychromatic Progression.”

Above: MCAD student Matt, untitled.

Above: MCAD student Kim, “Uneasy Color.”

Above: MCAD student Rebecca, “Omni-beatzzzz.”

Above: MCAD student NiK, “Supermedia.”

Above: MCAD student Rithy, “Broken Wish.” More from Rithy here.

Above: MCAD student Aurelia, “Color in Motion.”

Above: MCAD student Heather, eponymous.

Above: MCAD student Josh, untitled.

Above: MCAD student Arthur, untitled.

Above: MCAD student Niki, “A Day.”

Above: MCAD student Justin, “Color Movie.”

Above: MCAD student Elisabeth, untitled.

Above: MCAD student Chad, “Immanuel Kant.”

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Just added a few updates, all are now on!

Erik Brandt added these words on Mar 23 10 at 8:23 AM

Thanks for the heightened exposure, Erik!

Nate added these words on Mar 27 10 at 3:42 AM

Thanks for the great work, Nate, that’s what makes this possible. :-)

Erik Brandt added these words on Mar 28 10 at 8:20 AM

Everyone did a really good job in this project. They’re all unique and I am impressed. I bet it wasn’t easy for you to put them together on this website, Mr. Brandt. So thank you very much!

Rithy added these words on Apr 03 10 at 11:39 PM

With good work like this its always easy, Rithy! :-) There is even more on Geotypografika Flickr, and am sure we will have more after the break too. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

Erik Brandt added these words on Apr 04 10 at 7:28 AM

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