GRD_2000_SP10 Final P004

Our final work for the The Haiti Poster Project.


Above: MCAD student Kobby’s final poster in his recent junior review installation.
See his animated version of the poster process below.

Limitations are Limitless
Our class has completed the project we started recently, and we are really pleased to share these with you here. Our initial limitation in approaching this problem was as follows: “… if you had no power, no light, no food, no computer, but you had to make something that could be reproduced at least 25 times, what would you make? What if you only had a pencil, or one pen? One pair of scissors?” Following up on some initial first responses, we opened up the process to include our many available tools and these are the results. Several students have also successfully created the minimum 25 editions which will be sent to The Haiti Poster Poster Project.

We hope you enjoy our efforts, student work is listed alphabetically.


Above: MCAD student AJ (see his links here), beyond the beyond. AJ produced a huge volume of process and experiments with his poster solution, some of which are preserved in his GIF file below. His edition of 25 prints are hand-cut then screenprinted. The ‘missing’ form equals 2/3 of the poster (18×24), which references the amount of damage suffered in Haiti itself.


Above: AJ’s process GIF. Many of these contain the first poster he produced, he has modified the type in his final version.


Above: MCAD student Ariel’s stunning final collage. A photography major, Ariel dedicated herself to creating this collage with the simplest materials possible.


Above: MCAD student Brian also generated large amounts of hand-tooled process, and incorporated this into his final piece.


Above: MCAD student Carl toiled endlessly to create these strips and the final image of mother and child resonates wonderfully.


Above: MCAD student Didier produced some stunning ‘photograms’ with his stencil approach, see more below.


Above: MCAD student Didier, a beautiful shadow of light for hope.


Above: MCAD student Dustin created endless variations on this theme, and also inspired our grupetto early on by presenting a huge version of this poster (36×48) in an early critique. Bravo, Dustin!


Above: MCAD student dL. This hand-cut image is truly inspired, see the page from his sketchbook below.


Above: MCAD student dL.


Above: MCAD student George, the awkward beauty of his first sketch survived.


Above: MCAD student Jeff’s inspired solution using only crayon and rubbings from car license plates. A beautiful and intrepid solution, Jeff dodged several security officers to find the letters for his message.

Above: MCAD student Kobby’s process video. Hup, Kwabena!


Above: MCAD student Liz. Handmade, Liz worked with great empathy for the threat of child trafficking. Liz is also producing and edition of twenty-five posters to submit.


Above: MCAD student Kasie, an illustration major who ‘hates’ collage. This image speaks to the amputees suffering in the aftermath of the disaster, and also speaks volumes for the genuine empathy and care Kasie feels. Bravo!


Above: MCAD student Michelle’s final poster is the result of a volume of process and attempts, all equally beautiful.


Above: MCAD student Paige’s beautiful screenprint. My apologies, this poor photograph does not do her work justice, the ink color is actually a deep blue. Bravo!


Above: Some of Paige’s early process.


Above: MCAD student Sara inspired everyone with her first sketch, and is eagerly awaiting her turn on the screenprinting dock at MCAD to produce her edition. Bravissimo!


Above: MCAD student Sara’s experiment with a red ground.


Above: MCAD student Sara’s happy accident. Well deserved!


Above: MCAD student Thyra drew endless variations of this, and her care and concern is revealed in each brick, including the sky blue of hope.


Above: From Sara’s process documentation, how perfectly apropos.

More images are available on Geotypografika Flickr. My sincere thanks to the group for their dedication, ingenuity, and genuine empathy. You know you deserve an rousing avanti popolo, and now you know the heart of the song itself as well. Sing with us!

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Avanti popolo alla riscossa,
bandiera rossa, bandiera rossa!
Avanti popolo alla riscossa,
bandiera rossa trionferá!

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great work all around, cheers.

justin mckinley added these words on Mar 27 10 at 12:56 PM

GRD_2000_SP10 Final P004: Our final work for the The Haiti Poster Project.

Above: MCAD student Kobe’s final poste…

Erik Brandt added these words on Mar 27 10 at 4:25 PM

Thanks for taking the time, Justin, much appreciated!

Erik Brandt added these words on Mar 28 10 at 8:18 AM

A really inspiring take on the Haiti Poster concept from students at Minneapolis College of Art + Design

Haiti Poster Project added these words on Mar 29 10 at 6:06 PM

really powerful student work- could only use 1 material. posters for #Haiti

Lindsey Linkow added these words on Mar 30 10 at 3:26 PM

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