Tone Poems of Color

2D Foundation Fall 08 Sec 001 Brandt

Above: As promised earlier, a full assemblage of the color experiments based on a self-discovered NYT grid. These initial forays into color are from a MCAD foundation studies group, and each exposes varying level of care and innovation. Fantastico!

Above: My inspiration for this problem, an old Saul Bass cover for Frank Sinatra.

The challenge? Ha! First they created a modular image of the paper developed from
it’s grid. The color fields had to emanate from the three primary colors (and so on…
tres, cuatro), and the students were asked to demonstrate an understanding of this process both physically and structurally.

Endless variations are possible of course, but student idiosyncrasies, both strengths and weakness, are easily deciphered with this problem. Valuable interactive information for this and later challenges!

As with many of these problems, we have tried to make beautiful things with recycled
or preserved surfaces.

For elevene mine, mine takk!

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Avanti popolo alla riscossa,
bandiera rossa, bandiera rossa!
Avanti popolo alla riscossa,
bandiera rossa trionferá!

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This is great! Thanks for featuring us. I hope you have a very merry Christmas!

Marissa added these words on Dec 13 08 at 3:06 AM

Nothing to thank, Marissa, you did lots of good work. I notice that live link to your blog! Well done!

Erik Brandt added these words on Dec 13 08 at 8:50 AM

These are great! I love this one:

LIndley Warren added these words on Oct 16 09 at 7:09 PM

Followed the link from your post about the current projects. It’s inspirational, and always-always super helpful to see work done in previous classes! The way the first one melts into pastels, and the vibrant colours on that third one, are both so lovely.

Ciaran added these words on Oct 23 09 at 1:14 AM

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