Mut zur Wut Online

Posteraktion ready for preview.


Above: Zwischen den Zeilen, Götz Gramlich (2010). Chapeau! The Mut zur Wut poster event mentioned here earlier can now be previewed online. Hup, Götz, for this labor of love! Visit the site and scroll through work by 2xGoldstein, 
Reza Abedini, 
Andre Baldinger, Timo Berry, Erik Brandt (Servus!), Erich Brechbühl, Claus Geiss, Götz Gramlich, Jiangping He, Melk Imboden, Yossi Lemel, Andrew Lewis, Slanted Magazine, Niklaus Troxler, and Toan Vuhuu.

Please look for more updates soon with images of the posters in the streets of Heidelberg, Germany.

This just in: A sneak peak at the posters fresh from the printer on Facebook.


Above: Schwarzmalerei, Niklaus Troxler (2010).

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Images from the streets of Heidelberg are now available on the MzW site here:

Erik Brandt added these words on Sep 16 10 at 11:55 AM

MzW covered in Slanted Blog!

Erik Brandt added these words on Sep 28 10 at 9:41 AM

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