Mut zur Wut

Plakate, die den Mund aufmachen!


Above: Mut zur Wut poster by Götz Gramlich, 2010. I was delighted and humbled to be invited to participate in Götz’s latest poster initiative, set to open on the streets of Heidelberg, Germany on September 15, 2010.

Many may recall the outstanding 30 Anschläge event (and Götz’s stunning image for that, see post here), and Mut zur Wut promises to be an exciting display with participants including 2xGoldstein, 
Reza Abedini, 
Andre Baldinger, Timo Berry, Erich Brechbühl, Claus Geiss, Götz Gramlich, Jiangping He, Melk Imboden, Yossi Lemel, Andrew Lewis, Slanted Magazine, Niklaus Troxler, and Toan Vuhuu.

A thousand thanks to Götz for this honor. Please visit the Mut zur Wut site for updates and links to more info on the event and participants.

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Mut zur Wut, upcoming poster event in Heidelberg, Germany.

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Images from the streets of Heidelberg are now available on the MzW site here:

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Mzw covered in Slanted Blog!

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