Go Sing Wonder



Above: Erik Brandt, 2010 (A1). My own humble contribution to the Mut zur Wut posteraktion in Heidelberg, Germany commissioned by the organizer, Götz Gramlich. A thousand thanks for this chance, Götz!


Above: Via Götz on Facebook, frisch gedruckt and fresh from the printer.


Above: On the right, Götz Gramlich (2010), and on the left, moi.

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How perfect and appropriate M

Janice added these words on Sep 02 10 at 8:09 PM

NewTypografika for Mut zur Wut: http://ow.ly/2yQ5b

Erik Brandt added these words on Sep 03 10 at 12:57 AM

Images from the streets of Heidelberg are now available on the MzW site here: http://www.mutzurwut.de/index.php?/project/gallery/

Erik Brandt added these words on Sep 16 10 at 11:56 AM

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