Götz Gramlich rules OK.


Above: Götz Gramlich, Glass Candy poster, 2010. I have to apologize right from the start, this post is long overdue. Aside from being an incredibly talented designer, Götz is also extremely generous and shared some of his silk-screened posters with me some time ago (see further below). Surely you might agree, he also has the coolest name in graphic design today.

These first two posters are featured on his website, which offers an exhaustive overview of his world. Herzlich Willkommen!


Above: Götz Gramlich, Carambolage poster, 2009. If you open the contact page on his site, you’ll find the image reading,”Götz, Dienste von Qualität,” which means, “Götz, Quality Services.” The term dienst, however, reminds us of an age old idea of graphic design and typography, that of service! Götz’s work shows a high degree of idiosyncrasy and versatility all at the same time.


Above: Götz Gramlich, 30 Anschläge poster, 2006. I first came across Götz’s work while walking the streets of his native Heidelberg some years ago, this poster above, simple and powerful, had a stopping power that overwhelmed the pedestrian zone.
The poster below, equally stunning, comes from the same time period.


Above: Götz Gramlich, Russian Roulette poster, 2006.


Above: Götz Gramlich, Ka40tte poster, 2009. His typographic work is equally stunning, and Götz is eager to cite his years working with Niklaus Troxler as a guiding influence, but I think he has developed his own voice. Spend some time with this German master’s work and I think you will agree.


Above: Götz Gramlich, Latespot poster, 2009. This animated image shows the two lives of this work, one for day and one for night.


Above: Götz Gramlich, Latespot poster, 2008.


Above: Götz Gramlich, Root Down poster, 2009.


Above: Götz Gramlich, Hope for Sichuan poster, 2009.


Above: Götz Gramlich, the man himself.

Servus, Götz and thank you for your
generosity and inspiration!

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brilliant work man

the panda is great

tousue added these words on Feb 14 10 at 12:47 PM

Clap, clap, clap!!!

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GGGrafik: Götz Gramlich rules OK.

Above: Götz Gramlich, Glass Candy poster, 2010. I have to apologize right from …

Erik Brandt added these words on Feb 14 10 at 3:51 PM


Goetz is as great a human being as the quality of his art!!


Shannon O'C added these words on Feb 15 10 at 11:48 PM

incredible…i’m always wowed with his work..

i had forgotten his work i think though…thanks for the reminder!

joe added these words on Feb 23 10 at 5:50 AM

The Haiti Poster Project on Fast Company, featuring a Götz Gramlich poster!

Erik Brandt added these words on Apr 06 10 at 8:02 AM

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