Tovar Estovo

Website as Zirkus still operative, over.


Above: Original ¡ü16.øäk! silkscreen bulletin invitation for a BVR Messages event, 2001. Four BVRS Printing. Glenside, Pa. Tovar Estovo (web-based version).

BVR Revival: And why not?
I was happily reminded of this project from ol’ BVR days, and thought it would be nice
to share
once again. The event was an exhibition of work by intro-level BVR graphic design students, BVR Messages. George W. Bush had just been elected President, and it was pre 9/11. I didn’t make this up, they were actually talking about reviving Reagan’s Star Wars program when they first came into office. The WWII era war-birds tried to mock this archaic and dangerous thinking.

¿Tovar Estovo?
The fictitious expression tovar estovo started as a class rallying call, and the much more entertaining website was created by several ace BVR students and one rabbit. The Flash site was handcrafted by Chris LaGarde, and featured animated elements by Douglas Sherrill (Monkey See), Amelia Irwin (Potty Mouth), and Philip Razler (Line Weight). The main sound loop is by Kyle Fay and remaining loops by Ian Taub (plus some stolen songs). Christopher Grubb, featured in the FOUR BVR’s photo (scroll over the square) ran the printing operation. Random poster hanging took place in Philly, yo.

“Avanti pocolo” is a reference to a song my teacher taught me on the James River, getting the words completely wrong, in the most beautiful way possible. “Rosa” is pink in German. The melody survives, but it is, of course, this venerable Italian piece:

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This might explain why the term tovar estovo is oddly similar to “tovarisch.” Well, it fit the mood of our odd group of BVR’s, and we even put it to song. I find it best to see the individual cells first and then let them all run concurrently. Please see more student work from those years on Typografika here.

Oddly nostalgic, I know, but perfect inspiration for a new semester, and these BVR’s still sing. Bandiera rossa trionferá!

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Tovar Estovo: Website as Zirkus still operative, over.

Above: Original ¡ü16.øäk! silkscreen bulletin invitation …

Erik Brandt added these words on Jan 26 10 at 8:51 PM

avanti popoloooo

i get stuck on popo, lol

Chris Burns added these words on Jan 31 10 at 1:33 AM

Ha! Thanks, Chris! :-)

Erik Brandt added these words on Jan 31 10 at 10:07 AM

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