Typografika / Shoebox Gallery

Experimental identity for an enticingly tiny Minneapolis gallery.

Above: Erik Brandt, 2011. Two versions of a logotype for Sean Smuda, photographer and Shoebox Gallery curator. I am really excited to share this new Typografika, and will have more images soon once the vinyl is on the window (as they say). I was recently approached by Sean to create a new logotype for his gallery, located on the corner of Lake and Chicago here in Minneapolis, MN, and happily agreed. My experience there last year was exhilarating, and marked the unfurling of the ad-hoc Powderhorn Flag (more here).

Above: The Shoebox Gallery itself, center window within Robert’s Shoe store (facing East). The size and scale of the gallery itself (see below) made this an interesting problem. I didn’t want to ‘brand’ the gallery, or the eclectic and varied shows featured within. Instead, I hoped to provide ‘non-marks’ that intrigue, then, through the QR code, lead to the answer. The shadows that will be cast are also an exciting part of the design, I believe.

Above: The Shoebox dimensions, cropped.

Above: Erik Brandt, 2011. Rule version.

Above: Erik Brandt, 2011. Filled version.

Above: Erik Brandt, 2011. Rule version with Shoebox QR code.

Above: Erik Brandt, 2011. Filled version with Shoebox QR code. A thousand thanks to Sean for this exciting opportunity. More images available as soon as we get these on the windows.

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New Typografika, experimental logotype for the Shoebox Gallery (MPLS). http://goo.gl/iAYJN #graphicdesign #typography

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