IdN Extra 08: Typo/Graphic Posters

André Felipe’s labor of love goes into print.

Above: Cover for IdN Extra 08, which details an editors selection of work from André Felipe’s excellent website, typo/graphic posters. Featuring a truly international selection of designers, the publication is now available via the IdN Pro Shop.

Works included celebrate the likes of Aleksandra Niepsuj, Atelier Martino&Jaña, atipo®, Bauer, Boris Bonev, Bruno Porto, CLEVER°FRANKE, Demian Conrad Design, Designers United, Diego Bellorin – EMPK Atelier, Dragana Nikolic, Emanuel Cohen, Erich Brechbühl – Mixer, Family, Fons Hickmann – m23, Götz Gramlich – gggrafik-design, GVA Studio, Hansje van Halem, Hey, Hoax, Homa Delvaray, I LIKE BIRDS, Jaewon Seok, Jarr Geerligs, Kambiz Shafei, Kiko Farkas, Kouglof, Niessen & de Vries, Noviki, Oh Yeah Studio, Peter Crnokrak – The Luxury of Protest, Quadradão, Rodrigo Sommer, Seven25, SILNT, Staynice, Stefan Lucut, Stefan Sagmeister – Sagmeister Inc., Studio FM Milano, Studio Frederic Tacer, Studio Wilfredtimo, Synopsis, The Rodina, Toko,, and Visiotypen. It’s a special delight to mention that my own work has been included as well.

Some sample spreads are available here and for a limited time, the publication is offered at a 20% discount and ships internationally. André has been running typo/graphic posters as a true labor of love for many years, and it is a delight to see his project reach this level of recognition.

Above: Another view of IdN Extra 08: Typo/Graphic Posters. Congratulations to all those featured and special thanks to André and IdN for this delightful contribution.

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RT @geotypografika: IdN Extra 08: Typo/Graphic Posters. Thanks to @idnworld and @tgposters #typography #design

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RT @geotypografika: IdN Extra 08: Typo/Graphic Posters. Thanks to @idnworld and @tgposters #typography #design

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