Verena Gerlach / Algiers Posters Exhibition

A lovely evening on the Oranienstraße.


Above: Herzlich Willkommen! The entry to Verena’s studio which she shares with her partner Alex, and his architectural studio with collaborator, Ansgar. A fantastic space which recently hosted an exhibition of Verena’s Algiers posters. The Algerian exhibition had already taken place, but this was the first time the screen printed posters have been seen in Berlin. For more on the history of this project, please visit fraugerlach.


Above: Friends streamed in from both near and far, and this family was especially entertaining! Guck mal, Papi…


Above: The exhibition in full swing. The work inspired lively conversation and was complimented by a presentation by Dr. Alix Landgrebe, the director from the Goethe Institut Algerien. Not pictured here, Geotypografika contributor Adria Chilcote stopped by later in the evening which was an even more delightful coincidence. Hup, Adria, hup! Das schaffst du!


Above: From the ‘censored’ series, Verena had to make some variations on the main posters to extend her commentary on contemporary Algerian life.


Above: Make sure to visit Verena’s website where she explains the history and production of these fine prints. All were hand-made in Kreuzberg, then printed at the SDW-Neukölln nearby.


Above: Detail of the ‘censored’ version, in this case, addressing the poor ecological conditions on the beaches. Inspired work and an honor to be invited. A thousand thanks again to Verena and Alex who also kindly hosted me for three wonderful days in Berlin.


Lieben gruss aus MPLS, V&A! Grüsst bitte auch Ansgar und Kalle,
the coolest dog in Kreuzberg.

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Verena Gerlach Algiers poster exhibition, Berlin. #design

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