Una voce appassionata.

Strong accents, con gusto!


Above: Seen above the free New York Times newspaper stand at MCAD last week.
Strong accents for difficult times, these pointed comments remind us of how much
is actually at stake. See today’s CNN International reports here, and here.


Above: A pixelated reference to the recent Shepard Fairey/AP controversy.
Via Dylan, Print Magazine has Milton Glaser weigh in.


Above: The commons, for all people. Antiquated language, perfect for today.


Above: Click for a larger image. Controversial to be sure, these points provoke
and demand discussion. From the small print: “Stay complicit as the corporate
swine run off with your money. Don’t worry, your government graciously gave it
up to pay off your CEO’s & lay off the working people.” Think that’s silly?

In the latest news, AIG is actually asking for more money.

Sacre vache. Monday, bloody Monday.

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