Ivel Rose Workman



Above: Ivel Rose Workman, who left our world on February 17, 2009. Ivel was Elisabeth’s grandmother, and originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. As you can see from this photograph (the lovely message from then six-year-old Aunt Lynne), she was and is beloved by all who knew her. The service is today in Lansdale, Pennsylvania.


Une chanson pour Ivel…

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Louis Armstrong, ‘Do you know what it means…’
Adieu, notre chère

6 Responses to “Ivel Rose Workman”

Thank you both very much! Your love and eloquence are growing by the day. Mother is looking down on you both with pride and joy for having known you and having you as part of her family.

I’m proud that I’ve known you and can claim you as part of my family.


Dad added these words on Feb 23 09 at 9:02 PM

All worthy writers use their hearts to write and sometimes it can be a painful experience. Hopefully though this may have plucked at your heart strings it was also cathartic. This pieceblossoms with veiled, shadowy, whispers of recollections. I still need a primer for proper interpretation. Thank you for opening up your heart for all to see. Love, mom

mamacas added these words on Feb 24 09 at 6:41 AM

Very nice, Gran would approve!

Josh added these words on Feb 25 09 at 8:22 AM

What a beautiful tribute. Thank you both for posting this. Love, Kate

Kate added these words on Feb 25 09 at 9:13 AM

What a wonderful tribute- words from the ‘heart’ as your Mother said.
An amazing resemblance you have to your grandmother Beth- the eyes speak and hold you……
She is indeed pleased

Janice Brandt added these words on Feb 25 09 at 3:51 PM

That was beautiful. I can just see Gran smiling and hear her wonderful New Orleans accent.

Lauren O'Brien added these words on Feb 26 09 at 8:45 PM

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