MCBA Letterpress Redux

On a typographic fiction tip.


Above: An older print of mine from around 2001, slab-serifs make the world go around. Our GRD_5010 grupetto is heading for the MCBA letterpress studio today to try their hand at typographic experimentation, with an eye to produce more experiments for their own typographic fictions. Nun ja, ficciones typografika!


Above: Another early print of mine from around 1998, an early Bowe House
promotion at old VCU (Virginia Communist, yo!). Please forgive the nostalgia,
I can’t help but reminisce about old school days. So desu ne, Ouchi-sama?
Please stop by later for some updates and a look at their work. We are excited to
once again work with Anna Tsantir and relish the sweet, sweet smell of
machine oil and ink.

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Above: Apropos smell, what about sound? Listen to the exquisite sound
of an old Heidelberg at full speed. Recorded in the Al-Sharq Printing Press
in Doha, Qatar, 2006. Today, we will sing…

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Super jealous. So much better than the Walker T_T

Mitchell Lewis added these words on Feb 26 09 at 7:27 PM

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