Eco Font

Drilled-out Vera Sans


Above: On the Malinoski tip, ecofont claims to reduce ink-jet ink by 20%. Honto ni!
Free download for both Mac and PC systems, perhaps an alternative for email print-outs or, faxes (if you have to print out)?

A strikingly simple design solution (circles work best, of course!) it may remind older cyclists of the drilled-out phase we went through to lighten our various bicycles. From ecofont‘s own explanation: “Appealing ideas are often simple: how much of a letter can be removed while maintaining readability?” A design problem for the ages!

The designers? Dutch, bien sûr. Hup Holland!

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eco fonts……eco crazy?? haha

toni added these words on Jul 20 09 at 3:52 AM

@HarryReginald christen it with eco font

bevan goldswain added these words on Jul 21 09 at 10:35 PM

#EcoFont Cómo ahorrar tinta de impresora cambiando el tipo fuente ^L

Bits y Vinícolas added these words on Aug 03 09 at 9:33 PM

Leonard Lopate’s Please Explain: Typography, eco-fonts from Holland.. where have I been?

Christophe added these words on Sep 11 09 at 5:34 PM

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