Bierut / Designing Through the Recession

Via Design Observer, sage advice for tough times.


Above: Michael Bierut’s article in Design Observer displays a Lester Beall masterpiece for the Rural Electrification Administration, but the above is your hero and mine, Will Burtin via CR Blog, in an excellent review by Rick Poyner. Bierut is right to invoke those times, and one can always be inspired by Burtin’s great personal and intellectual strength, having faced down evil itself. (Must read: R. Roger Remington’s recent book, Design and Science, The Life and Work of Will Burtin.)

But beyond these trusty inspirations, here is an especially acute snippet from Bierut’s article: “Take advantage of the slower pace of a recession by remembering what it was like in design school to spend a full semester on a single project. What seemed then like torture may now feel like a luxury, and your work will benefit.”

Ja, it’s time to invent our futura!

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