France 2 et vous?

Fascinating cultural challenges.

Above: The standard bridge for advertising content on France 2 (Public Television)
for many years now. Via The Times (UK), Charles Bremner describes an intriguing revolution in French television, following a controversial Sarkozy ban on advertising and commercials during the evening hours.

A wee look inside the article: “This little jingle from 1986 has been used almost unchanged for the past 22 years to announce the commercials on France 2, the main public television network. At 8pm tonight it disappears, as President Sarkozy’s reform in state TV takes effect. All advertising is to be halted in the evening and commercials will be dropped entirely from 2011. As we’ve seen, it’s part of Sarkozy’s attempt — decreed without warning or consultation last January — to create a quality state broadcaster modeled on the BBC. His idea is that the public channels will no longer have to chase ratings with low-grade fare.”

Sacre Vache. The implications and responses are even more interesting.

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