Chris Burns / The Summer of Rudiment

A Prediction for the Summer of 2009

Above: Typographic Design Research from [Cléa Manzoni-Lucht]

Chris Burns writes: Soon comes the first Obama Summer. It is also a year of the 己 丑 Ox; and I predict, a warm season of rudimentary method.

The year of the Ox produces people shown to be dependable, calm, methodical, patient, hardworking, ambitious, conventional, steady, modest, logical, resolute, and tenacious. This usually refers to people born this year; I believe this year will find itself the keeper of a global Ox culture -being born literally and figuratively. As a part of that: Everyone, not just black people worldwide, find themselves in some way inspired by the USA having elected it’s first ever dark-skinned president.

Inspired invention is on the horizon.

Predictions from my friend, El Conejo, show the following:

Economic crises will blend with transportation woes to force a revival of the city itself. As we retreat from the failed plastic suburbs and attend the new city via alternative transportation, and as energy alternatives become a matter of survival not choice, we will witness a great revival of the American poster! The city will once again be flooded with both workers and pedestrians, and culture will seek to project itself on a human scale. The poster, the kiosk (!), will signal a return to human values, und la futura.

The youth base is on fire!

The political-attentiveness invigorated by the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election will wane, but access to and interaction with political leaders will be as much of a reality as it was in the early years of our country (USA). Of course this is due to things like the Internet, Smart Phone interaction, and a general “let’s get everyone involved” vibe emanated from our soon-to-be-inaugurated President Elect, Barack Obama.

The “always be suspicious” attitude and nature that every subculture* in the United States has been bred into over the past 8+ years will be turned on our new president, for better or for worse. *The subcultures of the USA agree, at the moment, with “main-stream” cultures in their disapproval of the Presidency of George W Bush. This one-ness in vision creates an open road for Barack Obama’s cabinet to run legislation through with little resistance.

Hopefully this time is spent by Obama setting the groundwork for a stronger economy as well as an electrified United States of Education (we’ll be looking for that army of teachers!) The first few months of Barack Obama’s Presidency may be his most important if he plans on activating plans, as this “quick-stream of yes-nods” will only last a short time; the problems plaguing the nation will not be solved fast enough for the impatience of the nation. And of course, yes-nods shouldn’t last forever.

This impatience will lead to a wave of imagery and type. As it happened at the beginning of the Iraq war, (with protesting,) there will be an outpouring of images created by people who don’t have the celebrity it takes to have influence on their community. In addition, there will be another internet explosion, in blog form probably, as the poor public realizes the power it has at its fingertips.

And then -this is along the lines of claims of the rabbit- the global community will find themselves in the position to create hard-copy messages to a degree not yet seen in this fully-globalized world. This means posters and products, and lots of them.

Job losses will continue to increase, and government programs will be initiated to get the nation back on its feet. This, like the first phase in any terrific series of events, is both frightening and exciting for those who depend on a job to make a living.

Prepare yourself for more messages than ever!

War is over! Where we’ve imbibed fear for the ailment of crisis for the full amount of years – now we will feed on our search for betterment, investing in the category of hope for more positive results.

Participate and record! Each day is a keyword in the blog post of your life.

This is a new Summer of Love (see puppy below) Don’t spend it in the office.

Note: I’ll be wheatpasting, what will you be doing?

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