Typo de Poconos

My hero and yours, Dave.


Above: Live from the Poconos Mountains (north of Philly, yo!), from a business card rack at a local gas station con mini-mart. Note the contact numbers.

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I hope no one misunderstands this post for sarcasm,
it was a thrill to find these signs of typographic struggle! So often, our community celebrates only popular aesthetic advances, but this is graphic art at its most pure level – seeking work. “U think it–I make it” is something all graphic designers, great and small,
can relate too. Best of all, there was plenty of snow in them thar hills.

Hup Dave! Hup tee-po!

Erik Brandt added these words on Dec 23 08 at 9:41 AM

oh my god! i just noticed they were the same dude.


Chris Burns added these words on Dec 26 08 at 2:15 PM

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