My Momma hugged Obama

Newport News, Virginia

Above: That is my mother’s left eye and left nostril at the top right corner of the shot.
In the front, Barack Obama‘s elbow. Her quote: “And so I said, ‘Thank you for all you are doing.’ And he said, ‘Thank you for all you are doing.’”

Mom is a 24/7 volunteer in Virginia and her friend, also a volunteer, was almost bowled over as she took this photograph. Below: Just before the above. Bravo, Mutti! Avanti!

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You forgot to mention my red brim of my favorite Obama hat! Lorene had just about gone over fence just prior to this photo she took due to an exuberant fan who crushed her into and almost over fence – so how she took photo seconds later is beyond me! Needless to say we were both delighted to have the opportunity to shake his hand- and say a few words…it was memorable- Thanks Erik. Now on to the win on November 4th!

Janice Brandt added these words on Oct 08 08 at 9:50 PM

Frau Brandt ist meine Heldin!

Big love.

Bettina added these words on Oct 08 08 at 10:14 PM

The road to the white house goes directly through David Letterman followed immediately by Mrs. Janice Brandt.


Chris Burns added these words on Oct 09 08 at 1:09 AM

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