To all Running Dogs of Capitalism

Above: O Povo, from Fortaleza, Brazil. Via Newseum.

Geotypografika: To all Running Dogs of Capitalism
Respected global members of the greater capitalist infrastructure, your theme for the week: Think positive and remember us little people you effing’ bastardos!
Oye, mira!
A happy market place equals a school yard.


Above: Via Der Spiegel, Reuters/Philippe Wojazer. The heavies weigh in, (L-R) President of the European Council Jean-Claude Junker, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, European Commission President Jose-Manuel Barroso and European Central bank Governor Jean-Claude Trichet. G7 and now G8 leaders are calling for a global rescue plan, based on the English Model.

PM Gordon Brown himself says, “Now we are facing our moment of truth.”
(See a Guardian interactive guide here).

Above: Via The Economist (the best magazine), KAL’s Cartoon.

Endless Questions: Quo vadis, domine?
The Asian markets will open first.

Traders, movers, and shakers! Gambade kudasai! Choto mo genki, ne? (Give it your best, with a little more enthusiasm please.) Or, is it better said… once more, with feeling? Guess that depends on which end of this one finds oneself.

In recent news, the usual suspects are coming forward with dark statements. The IMF issues a global meltdown warning. Cheers for that, I think. Welcome to the “Euro-zone,” wherever that is. One thing is sure, amid this flurry of dark rhetoric, this is a threat far greater than global terrorism. How will our governments cast this new enemy and rally the world to defeat… what exactly?

The American political model, almost entirely fear based under Bush, has no way to both castigate its own (Evil-doers on Wall Street Get Drunk), and justify ourselves as citizens. Verdammt, it was us that asked for the credit in the first place. It was patriotic to spend and take on credit after 9/11. Tja. How can we trust our government now, after eight years of deception and secretive rule? How can the world trust us now? I think they, and thus the global economy, will wait for our election.

There can be only one.

In the meantime, these various governments now find themselves in the position of having to reverse years of economic evolution, re-nationalizing financial institutions to stand in for the entire world’s loss of confidence. Will it work? What does a global financier believe in? What does the contemporary global citizen believe in? Will this be the final death of the profit model in general, can we evolve toward some new global economy of service beyond profit?

Of course, this is the main fear, there may be no way to return to an acceptable status quo based on the failed financial system in general. Will governments and businesses alike now withdraw from the global economy for a time? Will new regulatory bodies,
now widely called for on a global level, slow economic growth as we try and repair it?

Let’s hope we can avoid Iceland’s fate. More than ever, Edward Burtansky’s Manufactured Landscapes work reminds us of what we have actually wrought.

Above: Bear-market info graphic via the New York Times, by Amanda Cox, Xaquín G.V. and David Leonhardt. Sacre vache. If anything is positive right now, aside from falling gas prices (but…), it’s that it is a good time for information designers world-wide!

Tomorrow, a review of Scandinavian masthead typography. By the way, O Povo translates as, the people. Below: Poster by El Mac. Now more than ever,
we need optimism.

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