Saudi women rrrock.

What will the great Albini say?

Above: From the other day, paper airplane unfolded. Check, check, one, two… curious about the history of the tic mark? A guilty quick wiki reveals that in Japan and Korea, they use this, ◯, as a symbol for yes. Some suggest the tic has Roman origins, but it’s history is uncertain!

Above: NYT‘s Bryan Denton front page photo of three members of The AccoLade und posted in yesterday’s New York Times online, Robert F. Worth shares an amazing story of an all-female metal band in Saudi Arabia, The AccoLade. For more on this,
see a past posting on Mark LeVine’s authoritative book, Heavy Metal Islam.

Mash Allah, their single is called, Pinocchio.

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MANAR added these words on Nov 27 08 at 9:53 AM

woooow interesting!!! n the tic n the O i love that!!!!

Mona added these words on Nov 28 08 at 8:46 AM

h h h … not islamic … h h h … as salaamu ‘alaikum

agni added these words on Oct 23 10 at 4:11 PM

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