New York Times Sunday Book Review

The Ace of Spades.

UPDATE: Just out today (Ja!).

Above: An illustration I made for the NYTimes Book Review for a review of Mark LeVine‘s, ‘Heavy Metal Islam,’ a new book focusing on metal bands across the broader Muslim world. Yes, my beloved Aya Sofia. Para tu!

From the NYTimes article by Howard Hampton, who describes strangely familiar images, ‘…disheveled Moroccan riot grrrls, virtuoso Egyptian metalheads, Lebanese “muhajababes” (young women wearing full head scarves, army fatigues, tight black T-shirts and Hezbollah wristbands), Tupac-influenced Palestinian M.C.’s, “the Israeli Oriental death-doom metal band Orphaned Land” (complete with a devoted Arab following) and rapt Iranian Iron Maiden acolytes.’

Sounds compelling, no?

Above: Cover, the book is available through Random House, and here is a Freemuse posting with an interview/talk with LeVine.

Above: Iraqi metal band Accrassicauda seeks asylum in Istanbul (of the Spike Lee produced film, Heavy Metal in Baghdad.)

My thanks to Nicholas Blechman for this opportunity and mabrouk for LeVine’s far reaching work. We so desperately need these new stories from afar.

UPDATE: Excellent BBC story on a metal Capuchian monk.

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great artwork for the review of my book. thanks! i was wondering if anyone would title a review ‘rock the casbah’… slightly less original than the artwork :-) but i guess it just fit too well not to use it.

Mark LeVine added these words on Jul 20 08 at 1:38 PM

Stunned and humbled to hear this from you, Mark. Shokran! I updated your link in the post as well.

Erik Brandt added these words on Jul 20 08 at 1:57 PM

Iraqi metal band Acrassicauda on MPR tonight: Related old NYT Book Review illustration here:

Erik Brandt added these words on Apr 03 10 at 12:41 AM

Mark LeVine’s moving account of the recent revolution in Egypt in The Guardian:

Erik Brandt added these words on Feb 12 11 at 4:10 PM

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