Lost and found?

A wish, a dream.

Above: Found today in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Whittier neighborhood. A wish to learn, a dream to fly. Oh, to be young again with a world of language and people.

Paper airplanes para el futuro!

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:) I guess everyone is becoming a fan of the Arabic Alphabet.. I envy myself for having an arabic mother-tongue ….

MANAR added these words on Nov 22 08 at 3:58 PM

Well, as it turns out, our neighborhood is a new home to many Somali families, so there are plenty of native speakers here. Whittier is a very international part of MPLS, with food and markets from all over the world. I am trying to create a kind of map for that aspect of it right now. Not sure if I can make anything as cool as this, however!

Erik Brandt added these words on Nov 22 08 at 7:56 PM

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