Dime cuándo, cuándo, cuándo?

Student voices on the election.

Above: Tami, Why Me?

Here are a few samples of an attempt to respond to the recent election by a first year class of 2D art foundation students at MCAD (Gung Fu Sec 016 ). We gathered on the week following the MOST BEAUTIFUL DAY OF ALL TIME and tried to talk about what this new world meant to us. Our conversation was most productive.

Il piccolo gruppo, most with very little time-based experience, accepted the challenge to create either thirty-second shorts as individuals, or sixty second shorts as a group of two. They received no direction on why, what, or how. After only one critique and a semester that has been devoted to discussing and working with color, these few initial results are honest and humble, but full of life and love.

Pour mes élèves, je dis merci!

Above: Marissa, Change_003. Alternate endings one and two here.

Above: Gretchen, My Hide.

Above: dL, Not So Good Morning (Part One). See part two here.

Above: Zach, Through the Voices around Me. Cellular pastiche.

Above: Gage, Growth and Change.

More updates are on their way, non?
pour les barricades!


Above: Jonathan, Progression Two.

Above: Michael, Ohbama.

Above: Amy and Sarah, Percentage of Insured Non-elderly Adults by Age.

Above: Seth, Change.

Above: LeAnn, You are what you love.

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