VIVA Hangeul

Twenty-four characters to save the world.

Above: 생일 축하 해요, 한글! (Happy Birthday, Hangeul!) Even though it is the Korean alphabet we celebrate today, these four young students get to stand in.

Above: The Chosun Ilbo, from Seoul, South Korea. (Chosun Eng.)

Via KBS Global from the article, Celebrating Hangeul Day in the age of globalization and information technology: “October 9th marks the 562nd Hangeul Day, the day celebrating the creation of the Korean alphabet, Hangeul. There are reportedly about 6,800 different languages, but only 40 of them are in written form. Hangeul is even more special because it’s the only alphabet with a clearly known date of creation and creator. It is written in royal records that King Sejong the Great had proclaimed the Korean alphabet in 1446.”

Above: Via Friendly Korea, including the character explanation below. Further on,
two more papers from Seoul. Remarkably, all three run the same ad material.

14 Consonants (K!)
ㄱ(g,k) ㄴ(n) ㄷ(d,t) ㄹ(r,l) ㅁ(m) ㅂ(b,p) ㅅ(s)
ㅇ(ng) ㅈ(j) ㅊ(ch) ㅋ(k) ㅌ(t) ㅍ(p) ㅎ(h)

10 Vowels (Yo!)
ㅏ(a) ㅑ(ya) ㅓ(eo) ㅕ(yeo) ㅗ(o) ㅛ(yo)
ㅜ(u) ㅠ(yu) ㅡ(eu) ㅣ(i)

More from the KBS Global article: “It’s obvious that feeling proud about one’s language and being nationalistic should be differentiated in this age of globalization. But Hangeul is a scientific and logical alphabet quite suitable for even today’s globalized and IT-oriented world.”

Above: The Dong-a Ilbo, published in Seoul, South Korea

Above: The Segye Times, from Seoul, South Korea. Check in with Newseum daily.
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Kamsamida, KBS Global! If interested, you might enjoy a longer discussion as well as related material here.

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