MPLS / Snow for the World

Reality sets in.

Above: MPLS aktuell (from the studio window, click for larger view).

Insert disappointed emoticon here: yesterday came and went without a YouTube video from our future President, and we can imagine it is a direct result of the recent horrors in Mumbai and the planned announcements for Monday, including, perhaps, his choice for Secretary of State and several national security figures.

Urbi et Orbi: As anger grows in India, solidarity with Mumbai but no to war! With the most sincere humility, and with the utmost respect for the innocent lives lost and the anger their families must feel, we should remember the words of Ghandi himself:
“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” Surely we, as global citizens, must finally learn this lesson? What have the last seven years of revenge seeking wrought?

Above: Snow for the world! Via Manar in Doha, make art not war! Let go and let type, let it snow… It’s time for all of us to dig out from under this global human disaster together, brüder und schwester! Snow for the innocents of Mumbai!

Peace for the world.

UPDATE: A larger picture, via the TimesOnline.

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