Deutschland 3 : 2 Portugal

So schön, so schön…

Above: So was haben wir lange nicht gesehen… From Bild.
Wir dürfen weiter Träumen!
We can still dream.

UPDATES: Excellent commentary from the BBC’s Caroline Cheese.
CNN International here. German language Kicker article here.

Gut gemacht, Jungs! Weiter so!

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I have to admit that after trying to deny the EM completely, I was watching parts of the match yesterday and actually started to like it. Well Erik, maybe I’m turning into a real fan sometimes?
But after the soundlevel outside turned up to a happy cacophony I had no chance to do anything else anyway.
Still my worst nightmare: Germany against Turkey in the Halbfinale. Than, I definetly should leave the nighbourhood.

verena added these words on Jun 20 08 at 3:46 AM

Die Verena fiebert mit! Die Kroaten sind immer noch stark, Ich glaube, es gibt ein baldiges wiedersehen. As England great Gary Lineker has said, famously, “Football is a simple game where 22 players play against each other and in the end Germany wins.” Zugegeben, that quote comes in various forms of embellishment, but his conclusion is always the same. Think of the poor Spanish team facing Italy–poor first-round performances, as both Italy and Germany had, sometimes are enough to get through, and then, continue to win.

Ich wünsche mir ein Finale gegen Italien, aber Ich glaube es werden die Holländer sein. Wir werden hier mit dir mitfiebern, Verena!

Erik Brandt added these words on Jun 20 08 at 9:35 AM

Na dann bleibt mir wohl nichts anderes übrig.
Haben sie gestern aber wirklich schön gemacht. Infront of our studio, the turkish fans again are getting ready for their giant party tonight. Ojeh, again no sleep: It’s amazing, how people can cheer and honk until four o’clock in the morning without looking tired at all the next day. I’m jealous!

verena added these words on Jun 20 08 at 10:24 AM

Please send photos! Reportage!

Erik Brandt added these words on Jun 20 08 at 10:29 AM

Mensch, Verena! You called it – are the streets a sea of red?

Erik Brandt added these words on Jun 20 08 at 6:01 PM

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