Heaven and Hell

Chelsea vs. Barcelona

LINK UPDATED: New video featured, though Piqué’s statement is scrambled.

Above: By far the best compilation of evidence from yesterday’s horror show at Stamford Bridge. This may be the game where international football finally decides they need some form of instant replay. Heartbreaking for Chelsea, on the other hand, one can imagine there were many converts to religion in Barcelona!

Make sure you wait for the segments well past the musical interlude (about 2:42), a really good overview of commentary and replays with seasoned observers. You make the call? I defy even the most loyal Barcelona fan to argue that even ONE of those should not have been called. Schade, Chelsea! All of football suffers with this, as Guus Hiddink said, “injustice.”

The game should be replayed, no question.

UPDATE: Ballack interview. (Here is another link to the parodies popping up about Ballack’s ‘lost moment’ toward the end after the fourth howler.)

UPDATE: Current data from CNN International.

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When will they use instant replay- ” I didn’t want to touch the ball” what kind of nonsense is that? schade! Horrid! Horrid and frustration beyond beyond……..M

Janice Brandt added these words on May 07 09 at 9:37 PM

Heaven and Hell: Chelsea vs. Barcelona Above: By far the best compilation of evidence from yesterday’s hor.. http://tinyurl.com/dy3xgu

Erik Brandt added these words on May 08 09 at 12:56 AM

Kind of interesting, but on ESPN’s Around the Horn they discussed this (buried amongst the Manny Ramirez, Brett Favre and NBA playoff news) and it sounded like a bunch of dumb Americans shouting out insulting things about international soccer. But they were essentially saying what was said at the end of this video, only louder and trying to win fake points. Maybe we can finally teach something to the world about replay in sports? I mean, the MLB’s got it, and people said they never thought that would happen.

Dylan C. Lathrop added these words on May 08 09 at 1:41 AM

True! This story will get darker yet, the powers behind the machine have yet to make a statement. More from the UK, the UEFA website accidentally posted a review of the game BEFORE the game with the final score, 1:1 (including a mention of a late equalizer?!):


Erik Brandt added these words on May 08 09 at 8:04 AM

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