1973 Opel Kadett C

Top speed 120 km/h (75mph)

Above: The infamous Opel Kadett, which as the Spiegel points out, is roughly as fast as Micheal Ballack’s Freistoss against Austria (clocked at 121 km/h). As kids we used to make fun of Opel’s, as Popel Rekord, (Snot Record) etc. But today the sad news that we may have to play without Ballack in the final against Spain.

A psychological trick, or just plain catastrophe?

Above: Again from the Spiegel, a salty old German manager, Dettmar Cramer (the sideburns were part of the Opel Kadett look). A wise football mystic, he once said: “Es hängt alles irgendwo zusammen. Sie können sich am Hintern ein Haar ausreißen, dann tränt das Auge.” Everything is somehow connected; one can remove a hair from one’s behind, then the eye tears up.

Above: From The Third Man (link to the revelation scene). Sun sports writer Steven Howard evokes this classic filmed in post-war Vienna, the scene of today’s epic final. He casts young Lucas Podolski in this role, and tips Germany to win despite all odds.

Above: Apropo Englishmen and the Spanish Armada, look at the lovely English stamp from 1988. Full of confidence the torreros from España are sailing to Vienna. Can a smaller, lighter German team hold up to their incredible midfield? Wir fiebern mit!

Above: Die Bergtour geht weiter! The Mountain Excursion goes on! The latest news as of (10:30 CMT) is that Ballack will play! (See full short pre-Euro film hier). Jogi Löw points the way, and Ballack, mit Pornobalken (Porno-stache), spots the goal!

It’s just an expression.

Above: Aha! Apropos moustache, a Spanish fan caught by the AP’s Jon Super, from a cavalcade of fan photos from Stern.

Above: From Stern, by Reuter’s Herwig Prammer. A fan makes an unlikely attempt to offer his services in exchange for tickets for today’s final.

Above: From Bild. The approximate teams for today! Los Jungs, Deutschland vor, noch ein Tor! Jetzt erst recht!

Above: Today’s front page from the Austrian Neue am Sonntag, via Newseum.
Ja, finally FINALE!

Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt!

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wieder ganz clever, und ja, wir schaffen das, das erste Tor kommt von Hitzlsberger, und dann brechen alle Daemme!!!!!!!!!!!

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stukskes debiele

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sdgshd sdjht!

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