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Above: Image from Bild, some enthusiastic and graphically inspired German fans display their sympathies. Ein Jahrhunderspiel! A game loaded with transcendent meaning, it did not disappoint. Turkey established the tempo and quickly had the stadium in their hands, they were playing inspired football, while Deutschland
somehow reverted to a missing-persons team.

Above: This is how the living room looked yesterday for Das Game. Beckenbauer, see above, gave his personal blessing. Aber wir mussten lange Leiden! Germany played Angsthasenfussball (yes, there is a word for political disillusionment as well! Politikverdrossenheit ) and somehow managed to score the three goals in only
seven or eight attempts.

To make matters worse, lightning strikes disabled television broadcast WORLDWIDE four a full half-hour of the game. Yes, this means no one saw the decisive early goals when Germany took the lead at 2-1, and minutes later when Turkey equalized in inspired fashion for 2-2 just before full time!

Above: Image from Bild. The deciding moment in the 90th minute (Toooor!!!), lucky number seven (Schweinsteiger) looks on as lucky number 16 (Lahm!) beats Rüstü.

Philipp, Philipp, Philipp Lahm was the center of all the action, both as a liability on the defensive side and a hero on offense. He prepared one goal, scored another in brilliant style with a razor sharp pass from Hitzlsperger. Lahm was also robbed by one of the worst no-calls in history, a mugging clearly just inside the penalty area.

Above: Tiger’s Süper EM Stüdyo 2008. Episode 21 and a review of yesterdays’ game from a Turkish-German’s point of view (German language). Good review of the game plus highlights from the celebrations in Berlin!

Reine Nervensache! Immerhin, ohne England
fahren wir nach Wien!

See more on CNN International, UEFA, BBC Sport.

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To the Scared Rabbit,

Ja gut zusammengestellt/////// wir muessen Sonntag mit viel Elan und auch Risiko nach vorne spielen, sofort ein Tor machen – ein Hammer von Hitzlsberger?-, und dann ein zweites und drittes in der zweiten Halbzeit. Wenn dann Jens gut haelt, dann sind wir Europameister….

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