RGB 17:05:08

Selections of MFA Thesis work from 1998.

Above: Erik Brandt, Canalis (8.5×11 in) 1998. In preparation for an upcoming show, I found some time to edit and upload some old work created during my MFA candidacy at VCU (1996-1998). The work found form based on my study of RGB units in the old Trinitron television sets.

As is the case with most graduate students, and especially in those days, I couldn’t afford color prints so I found a way to use a laser writer that accurately reflected the actual size and scale of the RGB units, and also managed to contain the spreading ink from the marker. The work found focus around five separate investigations, Canalis, Lux, Logos, Sequentia, and Tempus, Lux, and Spatium.

Above: Erik Brandt, Canalis (8.5×11 in) 1998. The images here all came from the Canalis investigations, which revolved around various channels and the programming on at the time. Using a lupe, I tried to catch inflections and impressions and then created these pieces.

Above: Erik Brandt, Canalis (8.5×11 in) 1998. In actuality, it was far easier to apply the color by hand than to, imagine, select individual units and fill them on the computer. The saturation was also far superior to any ink jet at that time.

Above: Erik Brandt, Canalis (8.5×11 in) 1998. For more, please visit Typografika.

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