Dan Sinclair / Papyrus

Challenge and proposition.


Above: I’ll Eat Your Sould, 2009. MCAD gung-fu student Dan Sinclair’s experiments with the dreaded font, Papyrus. His challenge? To solve the problem in an appropriate way. Well on your way, Dan!


Above: Dan Sinclair, 2000 Years Ago, 2009.

Dan Sinclair writes:

Project Papyrus is an effort to bring the typeface Papyrus under analysis.
I want to research how it is used and why it is used. I also want to look
at how it is loved and hated. By looking at its flaws and its social
impact I will create designs using Papyrus.

In the past five weeks I have been creating works in progress that bring
statements made about the typeface. Other content I have based the work
around are phrases from designer commentary and essays about Graphic
Design in general.

I find that all the blogs and statements out there devoted to bashing on
Papyrus are not getting designers anywhere. Its obvious its a bad
typeface, we get it. But as graphic designers we can no longer bring the
bad typefaces used in mass culture under the scope of elitist designer
judgment. That is only the surface. We must realize where it is used and
why it is used. What connection does it have to an individual that feels
so close to it that they must use it? What connection does it have to
other objects used for communication in mass culture? And what connection
does it have to general graphic design issues? How can Papyrus be used in
a way that explores these types of questions?

As this project moves further I will bring other designers who share the
same interests to create work that will be compiled into a book that will
be published. In addition I will create a website consisting of the
process of the project. I hope to have an interactive element to the site
as well. It is the beginning of this project there is a lot of room for
research and exploration.


Above: Dan Sinclair, What Constitutes, 2009. Honto ni,
domoarigato gozaimashtah, Daniel-san.

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Dan Sinclair / Papyrus: Challenge and proposition.

Above: I’ll Eat Your Sould, 2009. MCAD gung-fu stu.. http://tinyurl.com/dggdvm

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