saba7 el 7′er!

Oh my, and isn’t it a good morning?


Above: MCAD student Josh, aside for a few hics and tics, not a bad sketch and certainly a very ohiogozaimasu! Fresh sketches from our yes we did Typography: Hierarchy + Expression grupetto.

Oh, and it is on!

Several of our groups are approaching this problem from varying degrees. Again relying on Verena Gerlach’s recent typeface, FF Chambers Sans, the students have tried to interpret our batch of Arabic cell phone type. These sketches were generated in a three hour period, so more time will yield a chance to spot various issues and improve upon them. We welcome any and all feedback, saba7 el 7′er!


Above: MCAD student Dan.


Above: MCAD student Eric, dibujada con un lápiz.
Manar, pour vous, je pense!


Above: MCAD student Emily.


Above: MCAD student Tousue.


Above: MCAD student Sarah.


Above: MCAD student Brendan.


Above: MCAD student Liam. Mash Allah, mes élèves,
a wonderful beginning.

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Wow, this looks great! I do love them all, but I guess, Sarah really got me with her design (+ my favorite color). Or Liam, Brendan, Tousue, Eric, Dan and Josh?

Verena added these words on Feb 19 09 at 1:25 AM

I loved Eric’s work…. and Suddenly my name was there! :) I’m Eric’s FAN

MANAR added these words on Feb 19 09 at 3:16 AM

More beautiful designs showing Verena Gerlach’s FF Chambers Sans ☞

FontFont Library added these words on Feb 19 09 at 2:00 PM

Verena: Thank you so incredibly much! Also this shade of green is ONE of my favorite colors, and I love the way the gray plays along with it nicely as well! Check out how well your 7′s work together to make that pattern! Too cool!

Dan: I’m completely drawn to yours this go around. The texture in the back? mmmmm… nice.

Sarah added these words on Feb 19 09 at 6:15 PM

Thanks for all of these comments. Mona, if you are out there, I have a feeling the first is for the Egyptian Tiger!

Erik Brandt added these words on Feb 19 09 at 8:01 PM

Update: Just noticed that we have been twittered a few times via FontFont?! See February 10th and 19th posts! Vielen Dank, FontFont!

Erik Brandt added these words on Feb 22 09 at 2:10 PM

Thank you Verena and Manar! Very nice to hear from you two. I was glad to find out that I have fans! :)

Eric Gorvin added these words on Feb 24 09 at 3:41 PM

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