A football.

Roger Arquer / Made In Pakistan


Above: Roger Arquer, found by Chris Burns recently. Arquer’s design reflects
the Islamic patters below, he also notes that 80% of the worlds footballs are
made in Pakistan. Apropos to Verena’s point in yesterday’s post, Arquer explains:
“In a globalized world where we cannot identify the origin of many of the objects
we live with, this football celebrates the importance of its origin and identity.”


An older project but a great one, cheers for the link, Chris. Apropo old and new,
remember this post, Recession / Reshmeshon? Turns out NPR has a recent post
called Recession Reshmeshon, which led to a series of comments about the
meaning of the phrase. One post, hilariously enough, could only find one reference
to this odd expression in a Google search, the Geotypografika post, yo!

Shouts to the NYC, everytin’ ire. And apropos football, behold the mystical form
of Carbon 60, the enigmatic Fullerene! Old sketch of mine below, the questions
surrounding the identity of the o belo jogo are powerful indeed.


Der Ball ist Rund. Sepp Herberger

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A football.: Roger Arquer / Made In Pakistan Above: Roger Arquer, found by Chris Burns recently. Arquer’s .. http://tinyurl.com/bw7t4v

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