el 3arabia dada / max march

Fresh sketches yield new direction.


Above: MCAD student Max, hand-rendered typographic ideation for el7amdou lilah,
“Thank God,” or, “Thanks be to God.”


Above: MCAD student Max, from a recent email offering new directions in his experiments with our common Arabic cell type problem. Most positive, Max’s sketches show a typographic bent, where early on it was more tempting to seek a visual,
or ‘designed’ solution.

As always, our group welcomes any critique or insight, especially from native Arabic or Farsi speakers. Our efforts are essentially experimental, but most of all, we hope to learn from a larger audience and open new doors. Please feel free to join in!

Many thanks for sharing these, Max. It is really a delight, and one wonders where this will lead. Ne var, ne yok?

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WOOOOOW what an interesting type!!!!!

Mona added these words on Feb 22 09 at 12:00 PM

very, very nice, max march!

Dolly Vu added these words on Feb 23 09 at 1:23 PM

i love the use of red white and blue.

so “american patriotic” :D

tousue added these words on Feb 24 09 at 7:31 PM

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