el 3arabia dada redux

Yella! Yella!


Above: MCAD student Dolly Vu. Enigmatic, silly, somehow brilliant.

Our advanced typography group is trying an experiment with some Arabic cell type based on an idea originally advanced here, some time ago. We received some new txt samples via Mona Makhlouf and Manar Al-Muftah and the students set forth. We will be having our first discussions today, so check back for revisions soon. Much to talk about here, I cannot wait.


Above: MCAD student Eric Johnson.


Above: MCAD student Austin Baker. Way over the top, just right.
Anemic type warning, Austin!


Above: MCAD student Dylan C. Lathrop.


Above: MCAD student Ben Wood. Ben found inspiration from some old Egyptian movie posters (see below). While appropriating some imagery, I think he recreates a masterfully “tacky” environment.


Above: The aforementioned source material from Ben, via an excellent Flickr set of Egyptian movie posters. All comments are welcome. Please remember that these are works in progress, but feel free to advise, critique, or, better yet, join us.

This is not an effort to sidestep traditional Arabic or Persian typographic form, on the contrary, it is a first step through a door to the east. There is no arrogance here, we are reaching out, and we are ready to listen.

UPDATE: Below are some of the simple phrases we are using.
Please feel free to join our experiments and email results.

001 Manar
a5barech? How are you doing?
Wa7ashteeny: I missed u.
wain bnro7 elioum? Where r we going to today?
ana fee el9af: I’m in class.
ana bara3: I’m outside.

002 Mona
hane3mel eh elnaharda ya gama3a? What r we gonna do today people??
masr wa7ashetni awi! I miss egypt so much!
saba7 el 7′er! Good morning!
isA ( insha2 allah): God willing.
el7amdou lilah: Thank God.
so7abi we ahli fy masr wa7ashouni awi: I miss my family n friends in Egypt so much.

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text it out

post the phrases! make a thing of it.

Chris Burns added these words on Feb 13 09 at 3:13 AM

Great link, Chris, and great suggestion! Why didn’t I include those, see update to post above.

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