Poets Protest War in Gaza

From January 8th, 2009

Above: Israeli President Shimon Peres. Via die liebe Bettina, an Israeli poet group stages a moving protest outside of an event celebrating national poet Hayyim Bialik. They read from his poem, “On the Slaughter,” from 1903, a despairing voice.

The first stanza via old poetry:

Heaven, beg mercy for me! If there is
a God in you, a pathway through
you to this God — which I have not
discovered — then pray for me! For my
heart is dead, no longer is there prayer
on my lips; all strength is gone,
and hope is no more. Until when,
how much longer, until when?

Tragically, seven days later, we know that the death toll has doubled, and the wounded number almost five thousand. May these voices of peace be heard over the war machines and the madness of men on both sides.

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