Make Art Not War

New US cultural initiatives tied to video contest.

Above: Cristoph Niemann. Spotted via Design Observer, a free download via ReadyMade, from the article, Poster Children, highlighting a series of five prints by five designers echoing the vernacular of the 30′s and 40′s.

Apropos posters and culture, the US Department of State have announced a new initiative, My Culture + Your Culture = ? Share Your Story.

From the website: “People all over the world ages 14 and older are invited to submit videos, no longer than three minutes in length, containing any form of artistic expression including, but not limited to, dance, spoken word, poetry, and song.”

On the judging panel? Milton Glaser, amongst others

Above: The contest logo. Oh, the irony. In comparison with the mastery displayed above, this clumsy and anemic mark is exactly why we need an new wave of arts education! But this is no time for aesthetic differences, submit your videos
at Exchanges here!

Above: It’s amazing, the State Department released this on a global scale,
here is a screenshot from the consulate in Peshawar.

Make Art Not War!

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