New News / Brutal Cold

Difficult typographic conditions, stay in your tents.


Above: Via the Weather Channel, our beloved MPLS is in the lucky -7ºF range (windchill makes it feel like -29ºF. Ja, that’s -34ºC).

In other excellent news, the Danish daily Politiken has joined with Der Spiegel and NRC Handelsblad in creating English language online access to their reporting.
(See Oct. post here).


Above: Politiken, from København, Denmark. Check in with Newseum daily.
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In other news, Canada remains green and verdant despite the plummeting temperatures to the south.

John McConaghay added these words on Jan 14 09 at 10:35 PM

O Canada! Our home and native land! Or, slightly more appropriate now,
Gaye Delorme’s version, eh?

Erik Brandt added these words on Jan 15 09 at 9:48 AM

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