Wired Online / Ramayan 3392 AD

Liquid Comics banks on Indian sci-fi, and more.

Above: Image via Wired Online‘s recent post by Scott Thill, Liquid Comics Banks on Indian Epic With Ramayan 3392 AD Film. In a market thirsting for new animation, Thill interviews Liquid Comics team member Gotham Chopra, who are hoping to go ahead with a film adaptation of the ancient Indian tale.

Interestingly, Thill is well aware of the new cultural power shifts that this type of story implies, and asks Chopra what he thinks of India and China as “powerhouses of the future.” “Chopra: More than just booming markets which inevitably impact our company and others in our industry, the thing I am more excited by is the creative potential we are mining there in terms of world-class artists and writers.”

I imagine the cultural wealth we may be exposed too, thousands of years old.
It’s about time, no?

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