Platini vs. Qatar

Sacre Vache, UEFA President makes blunt assessment.

Above: Via The Sun, UEFA President Michel Platini. From the article: “If you bring people from Qatar and there is no-one from Liverpool or Manchester at the club,
where is Liverpool or Manchester? I think it is not good. I think the Qataris should invest in Qatar. They should develop the football in each country.”

Whoa, gone the global promise, even in these hard times, when cash is king?
Everyone knows AIG advertised with Manchester United to attract an Asian audience, why shouldn’t the money come from those countries?

Platini’s reaction is a global version of regionalism, is this Europe for Europeans?
The concept of the EU itself makes the idea of “foreign” investment archaic, boundaries have been dissolved, but clearly national and regional associations remain.

As we know, the beautiful game offers many a metaphor for global conditions. We are watching some of the largest financial institutions simply disappear, and with the global debt blanket ever widening, will we see one of the great teams, a Manchester United, simply disappear?

Holy cow, indeed.

UPDATE: Oct. 10, 2008. Excellent article by Martin Samuel of The Times,
Sepp Blatter finds no refuge in Foreign Legion
. Mr. Samuel writes: “For a start, there is no place called Foreign. There is no Republic of Foreignia where all the foreign people live, doing foreign things, thinking foreign thoughts, hatching cunning little foreign schemes to carve up the bounty of English football and spirit it away to sit in a foreign vault, guarded by a bank manager who twiddles his moustache, smells vaguely of garlic and chuckles greedily in that funny way foreigners do.”

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