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Above: Three simple letters that began to spell out the “end of the world” last week. How will this insurance behemoth reestablish trust, how long will defending Champions Manchester United still carry the flag?

Interestingly, AIG initially backed this legendary English team in 2006 to advertise to an Asian market, but as a more recent story in the London based Telegraph shows, the dynamics of interwoven financial systems are complex indeed.

Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD), formerly reserved for Cold War strategies, has reached a new application. Ironically, they were supposed to be insuring us?

Related: Chelsea FC take on Manchester United tomorrow in a much anticipated rematch of last years Premiership and Champions League arch-rivals.

UPDATE: CNN World Sport reports AIG sponsorship deal
will be through in 2010.

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New sponsor ‘American Insurance giant Aon Corporation,’ same as the old sponsor?


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