Please choose Hillary Clinton

No other way to win?

Above: Obama and Clinton at one of the ten-million recent debates. Perfect together. As the great mystic Ali G. has said, “Hear me now.”

Hillary Clinton for Vice President is the only possible choice. If Obama chooses one of these who-are-those-guys Governors, I see dark clouds ahead.

I think she would help truly electrify the call for change that Obama represents, and the 18 million votes won’t hurt either. But who knows, maybe there is a Cabinet position for her? Not enough (!), we need her to follow up on Cheney’s dark reign. Amazing as well, the Veep announcement is supposed to arrive via text message to supporters?

John Amato has the latest and also reminds us of his take some time ago.

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I had thought the deal was already done that Hillary was the VP choice.


Because why else would Obama allow Hillary and Bill to speak at the convention in such highly visible roles?

Why else would Hillary then get the roll call vote?

I’m not getting it though. Is this all a smokescreen?

Is Obama so dumb and so arrogant that he thinks he can win without Hillary? Is this what’s happening?

He won’t win without the Clintons behind him.

Bill made this very apparent when he gave that quote a few weeks ago to that female reporter about how Obama wasn’t really ready to be president.

If Obama doesn’t choose Hillary, he will lose, and Hillary will get what she wants–a loss by Obama so she can run in four years and win.

(And I’m a Republican voting for McCain–the best man to be President.)

glc added these words on Aug 22 08 at 11:48 AM

it is klar! ganz! when will the media grow up – and stop the nonsense- hopefully Obama will check his ego at door of convention and do the right thing for the party! Hillary and Bill would cinch the deal – no one campaigns like they do – with intellect and heart!

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