Front Pages: Turkey

Obama reaches out to the world.


Above: Olay, from Bursa, Turkey (image via Newseum). What a welcome image, our President, shoeless, visiting and admiring, communicating. Obama’s global message has found special resonance in the Middle East. Often cited in the past few days is the Turkish Bank that has used an Obama lookalike to promote it’s business, for example here in CNN International. I was struck by the poster of Obama in the image from that story and a little search revealed a blog post reporting the posters from March 14 on Another Limited Revolution, well before Obama’s visit. Well worth reading!


Above: Bugun (no website), from Istanbul, Turkey (image via Newseum).
Look, in the background is Aya Sofia. Here, Obama strolls through Sultanahmet,
a beautiful district in Istanbul. One can’t help but feel, Spring is here.

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Front Pages: Turkey: Obama reaches out to the world.

Above: Olay, from Bursa, Turkey (image via Newseum). Wha..

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