Apropo aluminum cans…

Coke adds life.

Above: From a pack of Coca-Cola in Minneapolis. Chris Jordan’s latest reminded me of a lost text pic from Lathrop and these cross-cultural messages (tied to a mono-culture product), from Coca-Cola’s latest campaign. The can on the left is from Thailand, and, on the right, Ethiopia. The cans on the inside? All from China.
How perfectly appropriate.

Welcome to the United States of Walmart, how may we help you?

Above: A fine marriage of form and counterform, not to mention cultural icons and idiosyncrasies? Hard to forget that images like these do mask the sad reality reflected in yesterday’s revelation that China has reneged on a promise to allow open internet access for journalists (Guardian). Thank goodness everyone can still buy Coke.

Apropo mask, what role/responsibility do we graphic designers carry in this new age of global mash-ups and conglomerates? By and large, we must admit the hard fact that many work well with smog. Compare to this story on the most expensive oil-change ever, a carbon footprint like a “crater,” and maybe feel a little better?

Only in Doha. The return of the automobile was witnessed by a friend.
(Cheers for the link, Luckychips.)

UPDATE: Koka-Kola, The Clash. “Coke adds life, where there isn’t any…”
Joe Strummer, the world’s first carbon neutral citizen, of course.

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