Bernard Canniffe / USA-UAE

Graphic Design Students Engage in a “Social/Cultural Intervention.”

Above: Process board from an ongoing exchange in Dubai between MICA (Baltimore) and students from Zayed University. The project involves a collaboration between students and faculty led by Bernard Canniffe (MICA), Dr. Nanci Takeyama (GD Instructor from Zayed University) and Peter Chomowicz (Env. Design Chair MICA). Bernard describes the exchange as an active “social/cultural intervention.”

The students have been documenting their discussions and have created two blogs over the past few days, Attack on Fear, and plās’tĭk nā’shən.

It is interesting to see the difficult issues being discussed, for example, see this amazing post on 9/11 perspectives in Attack on Fear.

Mabrouk, Bern and Co.!

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