You are a good man, Charlie Brown.

Three years ago today in Bellefonte, PA.

Above: LTD on 28.06.05, just after TKD practice. Judge Charlie Brown (Ja!),
has just married Inge und Olaf. Ja!

Above: A short film we made for some short people, shortly after we first met.

North Lincoln Hills via Ulan Bator, Mongolia (©2003, 08’11). Featuring the entire fifth grade reciting their parts of an exquisite corpse they wrote with Inge’s help, this short was dedicated as a surprise for years of service to the mighty Mrs. Matier, and premiered to a full school assembly (who really loved the fabulous and krazy kindergarten spies). More shorts hier!

Wochenend und Sonnenschein, was braucht man mehr zum Glücklich sein…

Olaf love Inge.

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