Good Morning, Thailand!

Embrace life positively with the Queen of Nostalgia

Above: From the eponymous blog, a lovely Thai smile this morning. A link came through from this fascinating Thai blog, with its own review of Jean-Benoît Lévy’s Handbook. Clumsy attempts to decipher the beautiful Thai script give a narrow view,
to be sure, but the blog content itself is captivating.

Above: For example, this interesting project in Bangkok, Transforming Public Spaces (Eng. version), spend some time exploring their vision and you’ll find interesting connections back to the UK.

The entire project itself is a collaboration with the British Council’s Creative Cities project, itself a fascinating story. From the British Council’s introduction: “Every year another 2,000,000 people in East Asia go to live in cities. Over half the world now lives in urban spaces. The UK needs to build another 3,000,000 homes by 2020. How can we make these cities places where global citizens can thrive?”

A national strategy to engage with the world’s cities. Impressive, most impressive.

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